Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast is one of the most exotic and unexplored regions of Colombia, including throughout Latin America.
The coast begins throughout the Andes with lush vegetation to reach the Pacific Ocean with its miles of unspoilt beaches. To enter and enjoy the nature in this exotic Colombian territory is possible only by boat. This territory is bounded on the south by Cabo Corrientes and north with the Bay of Utría. Bahía Solano is the most important department territory. Most tourists arrive here every year to do sport fishing or just because they prefer an ecological and sustainable tourism. Major attractions are: Las Cuevas de Agua Dulce, Playa Blanca, the Rocky Coast - Juna, the Mecana Beaches, the Cascade Chocolatero, the Punta Cocalito and more. Nuquí is one of the places with more meaning for tourism, there are many natural attractions and beautiful beaches. You can visit hot springs or even surfing and diving.