Volcan Puracé

In the south of Colombia, in the region "Nudo de los Pastos", the Andes are split into three mountain ranges. The Western Cordillera is the shortest and deepest. In the Cordillera Central, there are numerous volcanoes, the highest are the Nevado del Huila (5700 meters above sea level), Nevado del Ruiz (5320 m.a.s.l.)) and Nevado del Tolima (5200 m.a.s.l.). The Cauca valley that separates the two mountain ranges is very fertile and is mainly cultivated with sugarcane. On the eastern side of the Cordillera Central is the valley of the Magdalena, at the beginning a deep and narrow gorge. But as soon as the valley widens, the land for agriculture here is used mainly for rice cultivation. The Eastern Cordillera is the longest and extends to the Venezuelan border. On this mountain range, the capital city of Bogota is situated, on the plateau of Cundinamarca. The highest point is the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy with peaks up to 5330 m high above sea level.